South Sinai

The Golden Coast

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Discover the Magic South Sinai

Unparalleled peace and sea-kissed winds in South Sinai, a haven etched in every traveler’s heart. Golden sands welcome those seeking solace. Indulge in the best beaches, eco-lodges, resorts, and diving spots, tailored to your adventurous spirit and desired hospitality.

This sacred land boasts world-renowned religious and historical gems. Join Xplore on expert-led visits to St. Catherine’s Monastery, biblical Mount Sinai, and the breathtaking Colored Canyon. Embrace the Bedouin culture and savor traditional cuisine during our bespoke tours. South Sinai’s allure is an irresistible call to those in search of tranquility, history, and immersive experiences. Come, embark on a soulful journey with us.

South Sinai


7 Days Pyramids & Open Water Diving in Dahab

Original price was: $2,100.Current price is: $1,050.


7 Days Sinai Trekking Adventure - Full Moon

Original price was: $1,360.Current price is: $680.


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