Top 5 Egyptian Museums Every History Buff Should Visit

Egypt, often referred to as the cradle of civilization, boasts a history that spans millennia. For those passionate about history, its museums offer a deep dive into its rich past. Explore the must-visit historical treasures of the cradle of civilization. Here are the top five Egyptian museums that every history enthusiast must visit:

1. The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Highlights: The largest among all Egyptian museums. Home to the world’s most extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, this museum houses over 120,000 items. The star attraction is the Tutankhamun collection, including his gold death mask and the treasures found in his tomb.

Tip: Allocate a full day to explore, and consider hiring a guide to get insights into the lesser-known exhibits.

top five Egyptian museums that every history enthusiast must visit
Luxor Museum

2. Luxor Museum, Luxor

Highlights: Located in the ancient city of Thebes, the Luxor Museum showcases artifacts from the nearby Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple. Notable exhibits include statues of Amenhotep III and the spectacular wall reliefs from the temple of Akhenaten.

Tip: Visit in the evening when the museum is beautifully illuminated.

3. Nubian Museum, Aswan

Highlights: Dedicated to the Nubian culture and civilization, this museum offers insights into the history of the Nubian people before the creation of Lake Nasser. The museum’s garden, adorned with statues, stelae, and sphinxes, is a must-visit.

Tip: Don’t miss the diorama showcasing a traditional Nubian village.

Nubian Museum, Aswan
Alexandria National Museum

4. Alexandria National Museum

Highlights: Housed in a restored Italianate mansion, this museum traces the history of Alexandria from its Pharaonic roots, through the Greco-Roman period, and up to the modern era. It’s a testament to the city’s multicultural legacy. Among all Egyptian museums, this museum is the best place to witness Alexandria’s history.

Tip: The basement, dedicated to the Pharaonic era, is a highlight with its mummies and sarcophagi.

5. The Grand Egyptian Museum, Giza

Highlights: Set to become the largest of all Egyptian museums ever. Also,  the world’s largest archaeological museum, this state-of-the-art facility is located near the Giza Pyramids. It will house a vast collection of artifacts, including many items from the Egyptian Museum. The complete Tutankhamun collection will be displayed here, with many pieces being exhibited for the first time.

Tip: While the museum is set to fully open soon, some exhibition areas are already accessible to the public. Check the official website for the latest updates and exhibition schedules.

The Grand Egyptian Museum, Giza

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