Jebel Shams

Jebel Shams

In the heart of Oman, there’s a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered by adventurous souls. Our journey leads us to Jebel Shams, Oman’s tallest mountain, soaring at 3,009 meters. We’ll keep it simple so that even students can join us on this exciting adventure. Jebel Shams, also known as the “Mountain of the Sun,” […]

Wahiba Sands

4 Days Oman from Coast to Desert Wahiba Sands

Wahiba Sands, also known as Sharqiya Sands, lie in a vast desert that spans 12,500 square kilometers. Here, modern life fades away, and nature beckons. It is a place of ever-changing sand dunes, some as small as hills, others towering at 200 meters. Their unique patterns make it an enchanting place for exploration. What makes […]


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Sur is a city by the sea in Oman. It’s famous for making big wooden boats called dhows. People love visiting its clean beaches and old lighthouses. There’s also a special place nearby where turtles lay their eggs on the beach. When it gets dark, lights from the city shine on the calm sea. It […]


Nizwa Oman

This is in Oman’s big mountains. It was once the main city of Oman. Visitors love its old fort that looks over the city. The city has a busy market where you can smell fresh coffee and see shiny silver items. People in Nizwa have lived here for a long time and have many stories […]


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History’s Masterpiece